These stout, mountain-dwelling folk have a long, proud history of isolationism. Before the Dwarven-Orcish War dwarves had cities and towns along the entire Kakadromin Mountain Range, all that remains now is the great underground cities, the largest of which is Khaz Baruk, the seat of the High King.

Physically dwarves are short but sturdy, with a broad physique and heavy musculature. Their low centre of gravity combined with their mighty weight and wide-set legs make them nearly impossible to forcibly move.

Dwarven warfare is typically defensive in nature since they have no need for attack – content in their mountain homes with the resources they have. The shield is an important symbol for dwarves, as it is an important tool for their warriors. The industrious nature of dwarves gives them a wide arsenal of technologically advanced weaponry, siege equipment and even magic

Dwarf society is said to be built on two things: stone and respect. Disrespecting a dwarf is a dangerous thing to do, if you’re not immediately attacked don’t expect the dwarf to forget the slight, they hold a grudge for a very long time.

Unfortunately for the other races it is very difficult not to show disrespect to dwarves if you haven’t extensively studied their culture. Early trade between humans and dwarves was difficult for a number of reasons.

Human currency was pressed into circles, an ugly shape to a dwarf who favours angular designs which made them reluctant to accept coins. Also not knowing the value of a dwarven product creates many awkward situations, offer a dwarf too little for their wares and they will be insulted and take it that you think it is cheaply made; offer too much and they will assume you’re taking pity on them and giving them charity because you perceive them as a bad merchant. Either mistake will cause a grudge that won’t be forgotten.

Grudges between dwarves are mostly settled through sport (if the grudge isn’t severe), duels (if the grudge is more severe), or mediation through the dwarven grudge adjudication system if a third party believes the grudge requires settling but neither party has made attempts to settle it.


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