Physical Description

Short humanoids (usually) lightly built with hairy feet. Golden-brown skinned, straight to wavy black hair is common.


Quiet, modest, robust, lazy, stubborn, resilient. Value food, family, comfort, community and propriety. Famous for their pipe leaf.

Dress: Voluminous clothes with cinched waists and ankles, light top and drapes are popular, usually embroidered with patterns or flowers.


Historically halflings have been friendly towards all races and have survived through their friendships and trade agreements; while not a militarised society halflings have been known to band together, turning their farming equipment to makeshift weaponry when threatened. No matter the odds against them they are plucky and courageous and have overcome far fiercer foes through determination and often their opponents underestimating them.

The longest standing halfling settlement is ‘The County’ a settlement built into a collection of big hills and surrounded by trees. Many trade routes pass by The County which is conveniently found between the Dwarf and Human lands.


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