Somewhere beyond our perception is a source of unquantifiable power. The races, in their own ways have developed or intuited ways of using this power in what is best described as magic.

Innate Magic

Certain creatures such as dragons and elves are privileged to have a natural connection to the power of magic. Whatever this connection may be it allows the user to intuitively cast spells from a source they are attuned with.

Raw Magic

The most pragmatic, or the most reckless source of magic depending on who you ask. Also known as wild or stolen magic, this is the magic used by most humans with no innate magic (through elvish or draconic blood). Raw magic tears it’s way to the source of power, takes what it needs and then seals the breach it creates.

Secret Magic

Another source of magic available to those without an innate connection, and one favoured by dwarves concerns the study of ancient runes, scrolls and artifacts which offer a back door into the source of magical power; the dwarves knowledge of this magic is considered even more secret than their technological research but still not quite as secret as the recipe for Dwarven Special Brew.

Planar Magic

It is said that the devils and demons who live beyond this realm have access to an entirely different source of magical power; it is suggested that some mortals have made deals with these beings to be given a taste of this power, and that these mortals always lived to regret those deals…


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