The Great Woods

Home to the elves, The Great Woods are untouched by the expansive empire, the industrious dwarves and the brutish orcs. The Woods, or as elves call it Galadmír is found to the south of The Powder Trail, the road connecting dwarf and human lands. Elves live in synergy with nature, the natural growth of trees has priority over where the elves build their homes and the homes themselves are often constructed with elvish magic.

Trees are hugely important within elvish culture, none more so than Lothekû or the Tree of Life. It is believed that the life of all elves is linked to the existence of Lothekû, although the exact nature of this link isn’t fully understood, even by the elders.

After nature and a sustainable lifestyle, the next most important thing within elf culture is art. Elvish dancers and muscians are held in high regard and elven made musical instruments are prized possessions even among the Humans and Halflings (dwarves generally don’t care for music, “what’s the point of drums you can’t march to?”) Elves enjoy annual arts festivals where the best sculptors, dancers, musicians and performers gather in celebration.

Few elves choose to leave The Great Woods, preferring to be close to Lothekû. Those that do report a vague sense of despair, but an almost magnetic sense of which direction the Great Woods is, this gives elves a fantastic sense of direction.

The Great Woods

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